Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant


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Das Label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) ist eine Marke, die Frankreich entwickelt hat, um die französischen Unternehmen mit besonderem handwerklichen und industriellen Wissen auszuzeichnen.


Das EPV-Label, eine französische Herstellung erster Qualität

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EPV und Know-how-Tourismus

Take part in the student photo contest: A Different Perspective on Industry
The second edition of the "A Different Perspective on Industry" Industrial Photography Contest has been launched. Organised by the Encouragement Society for National Industry and its partners the EPV label, Picto, Les Gobelins, Polka Magazine, CCI, GIM (Group of Metallurgical Industries) and Studio Olivier Dassault, the theme for the prize this year is "industry serving mankind". Students, you have until 30 September 2019 to take part by entering three captioned pictures. You are invited to show boldness and creativity by freely investing in the leading locations of industry, technological excellence and French know-how!
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Just a few more days to compete in the Prix Étienne Marcel 2019!
In France, responsible entrepreneurs do not boast of their success. They communicate little about their good practices, do not know how to capitalise on them and rarely share them with the general public. SME bosses simply do not have the time, nor the networks and the resources. It is precisely to overcome these limits and because SMEs create social ties that the Etienne Marcel Prize was created.
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Last EPV-Labelled Companies
1.2.3. Stylma Emballages Cardboard boxes, packaging: boxes, cases, gift sets
Alex Ematek -
Armurerie de Lamartel Manufacture of hunting arms
Arts et Métiers du Four - AMF Construction and renovation of wood-burning stoves and fireplaces
Atelier de dorure Sébastien David -
Atelier Maison Bonnet Objects or spectacles in shell
Borzeix Besse Chocolate-maker
Broderies Gouvernel Artistic embroidery
Carrafont -Prototype producer, model maker, painter
Chantier Bretagne Sud Manufacture and restoration of boats
Ciléa Fashion jewels
Digital Packaging Luxury cardboard
Distillerie Persyn Production of juniper
Duralex International Cut glass work
Ets Berrod Regad Manufacture of pipes
Femilux -
Fiva Créations Production of acrylic glass inclusions
Fonderies artisanales de la région de l'Ourbise (FARO) Cast iron foundry
France Luxury Shirt -
Gilles Berthoud -
Grandis -
Hurel textiles et broderies Artistic embroidery and manufacture of upmarket fabric
Jean-Claude Ayçaguer Restoration of old furniture
La Maison Dupuis Carpentry, roofing, masonry, insulation
La Verrerie de Biot Decorative objects in glass
Laulhère Manufacture of berets since 1840
Laurige Duron Leather-goods, travel articles, leather-cased articles
Le Lit National Manufacture of wool-mattress and bed bases
Le Tampographe Creation and manufacture of ink pads
Lemaitre Demeestere -
Les sonnailles Daban Manufacture of small bells
Maison Boinet Leather goods
Marbrerie Walqueman Stone cutting, Decorative marble
Mathieu lustrerie Artistic bronze-maker
Miroiterie Petitjean Architectural and decorative glasswork.
Paul Hoffmann Contemporary furniture making
Romain Herzo Jewellery
Rozière Artistic joinery and carpentry
S.A.E.E. Artistic bronze-maker