Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

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Last EPV-Labelled Companies
AM Façons Ladies clothing
Ardoisière des 7 pieds Sarl Extraction and shaping of slates for roofing, for pavement and decorative slate articles
Atelier Pierre-Yves Le Floc'h Contemporary upholstery, furniture and fixture case-making
Atelier Sedap -Design and production of decorative objects in plaster
Ateliers Pinton Manufacture of carpets and tapestries
Briqueterie d'Allonne Sarl -
Bronze d'Art Français Ornemental bronzesmith
Cafés Chocolats Voisin Chocolate-maker
Cafés Malongo Selection and roasting of coffees
Chanel Haute-Couture, Ready-to-Wear, Accessories
Chedeville-Lelandais -
Cogitech Design and manufacture of contemporary furniture, decoration and art items.
Confiserie Adam Production of sweets, sugared almonds and chocolate specialities
De Buyer industries Manufacture of copper,steel, silicone cooking articles and kitchen utensils
ENP Agencements Interior layout, cabinetwork
Etablissements Beal Manufacture of blocks
Ets Auvinet -
Fontaines pétrifiantes de Saint-Nectaire Sarl Manufacture of petrifaction low-reliefs
Giovanna Chitto' da Brescia & Antoine Vittori Laulhère Manufacture of baroque and modern violins, violas and violloncelli
Gobel Manufacture of up-market stainless steel cooking articles
Horloges Huchez S.A.S -Watch and clockmaker
Horus -Design and production of top-of-the-line household faucets
Hugotag Ennoblissement SAS -
Le Bois de Lutherie Preparation of wood for lute-making
Le Travail du bois d'olivier Manufacture of olive wooden articles
Les Maquettistes Réunis de Suresnes Design and production of three-dimensional scale models and scenic design
Ludwig et Dominique Ebénistes Artistic joinery
Luxbag Production of musical instrument cases and covers
Lyon Serti Setting of jewellery articles and spectacles
Masson Polyfroid -Design and manufacture of mobile shops
Piganiol SAS Production of high-class umbrellas
Prat Dumas Manufacture of filter paper
Prugent Diam Europe Interior layout, cabinetwork
Savebag -Manufacture of bags and luggage
Société Albertini et Cie Traditionnal manufacture of flat glass, enamels for mosaics and glass tiles for stained-glass windows.
Tissage de Soierie et Dérivés Weaving and edition of silks
Valtex Group -Manufacture of revolving cylinders, digital printing on natural fibres