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30 September 2013
Fine decorative iron- and metalwork: Dunod Mallier takes metalworking to a new level
The Ateliers de Ferronnerie d’Art et Métallerie Dunod Mallier received the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label from the French State in 2012. Driven by their enthusiasm and will, and aspiring to cater for their customers’ most demanding requirements, Dunod Mallier’s craftsmen push the limits of their materials to the extreme, transforming metals into works of art. A mixture of technical and artistic alchemy, their expertise takes working with metals – pure iron, mild and stainless steel, aluminium, bronze, brass, copper, titanium, gold leaf, etc. – to a new level.
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26 July 2013
Volevatch, an expert in the art of the bath
The concept of the bathroom finds its origin with the appearance of the first water heaters in the 19th century. In Tully in the Somme, the cradle of the bath fitting industry, the company Volevatch, which was awarded an EPV label in 2006, expresses its know-how and passion for designing and manufacturing high-end bath fittings.
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21 June 2013
Bespoke projects for architects and decorators: Ateliers EMG highlights the beauty of wood
Ateliers EMG's contemporary and traditional projects generally involve architects or decorators. In barely 20 years, this cabinet worker and interior joinery firm has become one of the best. This is why we wanted to take a look inside this company, which was awarded the EPV label in 2012.
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07 June 2013
Cut crystal the know-how of Cristallerie de Montbronn
Awarded the EPV label by the French government in 2006, Cristallerie de Montbronn originates from a crystal firm founded in 1930 by the current director's father. The love of the craft has been passed on from father to son, following the tradition of very ancient craftwork. The glassmaker skilfully blows by mouth and the cutter carves accurately by hand. In the 18th century, top glassmakers, specialised in crystal, set up in the East of France. Alain Ferstler's workshop is in Montbronn, a little village in the Lorraine region of France.
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