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01 June 2010
EPV-labelled Structures Sonores reveals to the world the extraordinary sound of titanium

In April 2010, the eminent researcher, musician and teacher, Frédéric Bousquet, managing director of EPV-labelled company Structures Sonores, announced that its workshop had produced the first sound module to use the vibratory properties of titanium.

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20 May 2010
Orfèvrerie Baudino gives the bronzes of Monaco’s Oceanography Museum back their shine

The Monaco Oceanography Museum, inaugurated in 1910 by Prince Albert I, has today regained its old sparkle thanks to the artisans and master craftsmen of Nice’s EPV-labelled company Orfèvrerie Baudino.

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12 March 2010
Red metal at the heart of industrial know-how of excellence

EPV-labelled companies are also industrial companies. Indeed, a large number of labelled companies have technical, technological or industrial expertise, in wide-ranging sectors of activity, from packaging to optical and precision instruments, to machinery and equipment manufacturing.

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11 March 2010
Dryade Créations: classic yachting has the wind in its sails

Don’t ask Dryade Créations why they are located in Franche-Comté.

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