Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Charpente Couverture Chardon

Carpentry, turnery, roofing, sheet metal work
Saint-Même d'En-Bas
73670 Saint-Pierre d'Entremont en Chartreuse

Sale to private individuals and professionals

Charpente Couverture CHARDON specialises in the restoration and manufacture of traditional frames and roofs and has been located in the Savoie since 1882.

It carries out traditional framework and wood turning tasks using regional wood, working or restoring according high professional standards; traditional tile, slate and shingle roofs, copper, brass, zinc works, lead, gutters on forged supports, embossed ornamentation requiring the production of wooden moulds.

The workshop masters a rare and complex expertise: timber frame scribing (a UNESCO Intangible Heritage) and marking. It works respecting the original scribing technique: wood species, lead piquage, scribing, traditional assembly of wood, tenons, mortise, dovetail, dowel, etc. It sizes and finishes the wood with traditional tools (chisel, bisaiguë, adze). In addition, it masters strutting techniques for old buildings and wood aging (walnut and lime).

The company works for prestigious clients including religious institutions, individuals and municipalities.