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Colin - Les faiseurs de bateaux

43 route de Claimarais
62500 Saint-Omer

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Sale to private individuals and professionals
Colin manufactures, repairs and maintains flat-bottomed boats traditional to the Audumarois marshes: there are two types, "escutes” which are 4 to 8 metres long and carry 3-8 people and "bacôves” which are 9 metres long and can carry 12 people.
The workshop masters the rare know-how of the caulker. It performs all manufacturing steps in-house: selection of wood in the forest, drying, cutting of the wood for the boat bottom, caulking the boat with tow (braiding of flax fibre in the joints), bending the wood with a brazier, calibration with an adze of the frames, benches, the top of picks, the gunwale, etc. and application of Norway tar inside and out. It adapts the boats to current technical and safety standards (buoyancy chambers, electric motor, etc.).

The company also opens its workshops for visits and offers visitors the opportunity to discover the marshes in traditional non-motorised electric boats. It has an established customer base: its rental services allow it to continue its ancestral regional activity.