Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Benoit Gauthier

-Construction of retaining walls and dry stone works
100 route de Brunieux
07340 Saint-Desirat

Tel : +33 (0)7 78 19 21 94
Sale to private individuals and professionals
Founded in 1948, Benoit Gauthier specialises in the construction of support walls and dry stone work on the hillsides of vineyards.
Its rare expertise in dry stone work lies mainly in the choice of materials and their installation on site in accordance with traditional techniques (without mortar) in difficult terrain.

It also carries out heritage renovation, stone and landscaping work. p>

Benoit Gauthier carries on the tradition of using the grey or red granite stone of North Ardèche to build the walls of houses or enclosures, which allows North Ardèche villages to retain their traditional character.

It works for local winemakers. For dozens of years and many generations, the company has been maintaining the local heritage of churches, chapels, old houses, wells and adobe facades, etc.