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Imagerie d'Epinal

Operation of an image factory and printing plant
42 bis quai de Dogneville
88000 Épinal

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Sale to private individuals and professionals

Founded in 1984, Imagerie d’Epinal continues the activity of Imagerie Pellerin, which was founded in 1796 and which absorbed, in 1880, the Nouvelle Imagerie d’Epinal, founded by Charles Pinot in 1860.

It makes and designs traditional, ancient or modern images, original albums, and cards, using traditional techniques. In 1800, the company made and distributed images of the Napoleonic saga engraved by different wood-engravers.  It distributed industrial, political and military propaganda images for Napoleon III (Pellerin was the official supplier of Her Majesty the Empress). It has always worked with well-known artists and today works with about a dozen. It employs 17 people and also uses the services of 10 independent artists.


Imagerie d’Epinal is a unique company. Image factories in every town that was home to card makers and woodcutters used to use this know-how and these techniques, but Imagerie d’Epinal was the only one that developed an industrial dimension in the Second Empire, and today is the only one that survives and continues this tradition.


The company’s clientele consists 50% of private customers, 40% of companies and 10% of institutions. It sells directly at the workshop and also by mail order. It works to order and uses a network of sellers. It has several catalogues: "Joan of Arc” images, catalogue of toy theatre décor, catalogue of images from World War 1, catalogue of cut-outs, etc. The current customer base is particularly prestigious: French National Assembly, Cour des Comptes, Ecole Polytechnique, Michelin, Renault, EDF, France Télécom, Vittel, Total, etc.