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Delaroux Ameublement

Manufacture of seats, sofas and armchairs
ZA Route de Villouxel

Tel : +33 (0)3 29 06 60 27

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Sale to private individuals and professionals

Located for 60 years in Liffol-le-Grand, at the heart of Les Vosges and the historic capital of France’s chair industry, Sièges Delaroux is helping to keep the age-old tradition of this chair and furniture region alive.


The particularity of this company is that it carries out every step of the manufacturing process internally, a total of 80 individual operations ! This includes creating plans and prototypes, manufacturing the pieces and performing the finishing techniques such as carving, varnishing, embroidery and more. By offering total expertise in every aspect of chair production (sawing, joining and cabinetwork, reseating, canework, varnishing and painting), Sièges Delaroux is a flexible and responsive partner for the production of mid-range to high-end chairs. The company works in relation with designers, hotels, concert halls and individual customers in France and on the international market. Working with quality materials combined with traditional techniques, such as spindle moulders, and cutting-edge technologies, including a digital manufacturing centre, the workshops at Delaroux are equipped for producing single pieces as well as large series.