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Decayeux STI

Die forging and machining of non-ferrous metals
11 rue de la Place
80390 Saucourt-Nibas

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Based in the west of Picardy, in the Vimeu, since 1911, DECAYEUX STI has been able to grow by mastering new techniques and becoming a key partner in metal processing outsourcing and by offering fully integrated, flexible and innovative industrial delivery in the supply of metal components and subassemblies.

It has rare expertise consisting of its ability to meet a wide range of metal processing applications and the manufacture of metal parts. It is used by prestigious companies and major players in both industry and the luxury sector (Hermès, LVMH, Carrier, Schneider, MBK and internationally by Siemens, Leoni and CTA.AG).

Decayeux has 520 employees and implements all metal processing techniques: pipe bending, stamping, machining, welding, polishing and electroplating.

All demand high technical and precision work for which skilled labour is required. The integration of multiple skills on a single site, some of which are scarce, gives it an edge in the realm of metal processing.