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Alain Montpied Charronnage

Manufacture of wooden wheels
La Courteix
3 route de Bosloup
63230 Saint-Ours les Roches

Tel : +33 (0)33 (0)4 73 88 77 34

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Alain Montpied is one of the last remaining wheelwrights in France.

He makes and repairs all types of wooden wheels for horse-drawn teams, antique cars and velocipedes, canons and other items. Established in 1910, this is a family business located some fifteen kilometres from Clermont-Ferrand; it is open for visits by appointment. With the skills of four generations of wheelwrights behind it, Alain Montpied Charronnage is the custodian of a traditional craft that is fast disappearing. Alain Montpied still uses the original machines and working methods that go back to the early 20th century: the conversion and cross-cutting of timber, steam-bending, hooping and so on. The wheels are still made entirely by hand, and the company has researched and developed a method of hooping solid timber for making shafts, folding top bows, wooden wings, rims and special pieces. Alain Montpied exports all over Europe to a clientele consisting mainly of the users of horse-drawn vehicles, collectors, museums and stud farms.