Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

l'Ame du Papier

10 rue du Lavoir
21340 Aubigny la Ronce

A very young company created in 2002, "L’Ame du Papier” is specialised in the restoration of old papers and parchments.

It also works in conservation and prevention, seeking to control factors of decay such as humidity and other exterior aggressions through training and advice.  The company’s know-how is original because it cleverly combines very different techniques. The company remains faithful to traditional techniques, using Japanese paper to reinforce tears, fill in gaps or make double layers.  At the same time, it uses the most modern technology such as physico-chemical analysis, disinfection, disacidification, cleaning and filling-in phases (carried out over a suction table equipped with an ultrasound humidification dome).  The company already has several renovation references for work carried out for  various institutions.