Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant


Manufacture of up-market stainless steel cooking articles
Parc d'activités du Moulin
BP 10 - Rue du 8 mai
25490 Fesches le Chatel

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The Japy Empire site, built in 1826 and renovated between 1995 and 1997, is where Cristel uses its modernised tools to produce a wide-ranging collection of high-end stainless steel kitchen utensils.

After Japy and a few buyouts that proved unsuccessful, Paul and Bernadette Dodane, with their respective professional skills, an analysis of the company’s financial and technical aspects, as well as the human potential and expertise, undertook a unique human adventure at this residence.

Cristel became an "SA” company in 1987 and, since then, they have worked side-by-side with their employees to form a tight-knit team and make a factory where quality is everything.

Paul Dodane designs innovative products based on two demands – to be practical, making cooking possible, but also to be aesthetic so as to be suitable for the French Art of the Table. Based on a removable handle concept, this vision was decisive for Cristel’s future.

At the same time, over the years, the production site has been completely renovated, the tools have been modernised and the age-old know-how has been totally redeveloped.

Cristel’s cultural identity is part of an approach based on a demand for quality for products and services. The company is now the leader in France in the high-end stainless steel kitchen market. Cristel is the premier French manufacturer, producing nearly 92% of what they sell in more than 35 countries at their site in Fesches-le-Châtel (25-Doubs department).

Committed to respecting the environment, the company follows an "entrepreneur” policy: innovation, research and development. This enables them to position themselves at the cutting edge of technical and technological progress.

With their many awards and official distinctions, Cristel is now the symbol of the true French Art de Vivre.