Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Tannerie Garat & Fils Sarl

Leather tanning
Maison Donamaria
64640 Armendarits
Nouvelle Aquitaine

Since 1790, GARAT tannery has perpetuated a family tradition of vegetable tanning in a pit (slow method). 

Previously specialised only in sole leather and harness leather, the tannery gradually diversified to other areas of activity (leather for orthopaedics, leather for bags, saddle-making, etc.).   It offers a full range of products for shoes (insoles, cut sole leather, bends, etc.) suitable for boot-makers, orthopaedic surgeons, repairers and luxury shoe-makers.    Other products are made for saddle-makers, bag-makers or for technical uses (seals, bell clappers, etc.).    All of these leathers undergo thirty operations being passed on to the craftspeople.  The tannery works to order for professionals, particularly major names in luxury leather goods and shoes.