Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant


The Excellence of French Know-How

The Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company, or EPV) label is a mark of recognition of the French State, put in place to reward French firms for the excellence of their traditional and industrial skills.


25 - 28 October 2016: 17 EPVs exhibit at Art de Vivre à La Française in Shanghai
The French state supports export initiatives undertaken by EPVs in the framework of the partnership between the Directorate General for Enterprise (DGE) and the agency promoting the French economy internationally, Business France. 17 Living Heritage Companies will thus be highlighted in Sinan Mansion in Shanghai on the occasion of the ‘Art de vivre à la française’ exhibition, with its specially designed scenography.
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14 and 15 October 2016: Excellence of Expertise Days – Living Heritage Companies open their doors
On Friday 14 and Saturday 15 October, 2016, come and visit Living Heritage Companies that are opening their doors throughout France. On the 10th anniversary of the Enterprise de Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label, the Institut Supérieur des Métiers (ISM), in partnership with the Association de la Visite d'Entreprise (AVE), is organising the inaugural Excellence of Expertise Days. This exceptional event is a unique opportunity for the public (young people, general public, institutions, media, etc.) to rediscover our country in an original way, visiting the workshops and production plants, and going to meet the men and women of excellence who work with such passion in Living Heritage Companies.
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Last EPV-Labelled Companies
Aisthesis Creation of contemporary furniture
Alkor Draka Interior layouts
Armes Mathelon Sarl Manufacture of hunting arms
AS Classic Engineering -
AS'BOIS Turnery, case-making: manufacture of wedges, buttons, bars and balls and items for interior decoration
Atelier d'Offard Manufacture of wallpapers
Atelier Isabelle et Laurent Bouissiere Manufacture of jewellery
Atelier Midavaine -Lacquer art, on furniture and woodwork
Atelier Parot Creation and restoration of stained glass windows
Atelier Steaven Richard Artistic metalwork
Ateliers Charles et Charlus Manufacture of leather-goods
Ateliers Christophe Bénard Restoration of joinery work
Ateliers Valentin Manufacture of timber-framed houses
Balcaen Creation and reproduction of furniture, specialized in gilding
Beatrix -
Bertin Aubert Industries Floor treatment
Blaise Frères Manufacture of blades for epees, foils and sabres
Briqueteries Chimot -
Brosserie Brenet Manufacture of brushes
Cabiria Bronzesmith
Caraïbes Fumés Transformation of fishing products
Ceccaldi Créations Manufacture of knives
Chantier des Ileaux Sarl Traditional boatbuilding
Christian de Nardi Coutelier à Thiers Cutlery
Commelin & Associés Jewels in translucent enamel
Compagnie des Porcelaines de Limoges Porcelain decoration
Compagnie Française des Crayons -Manufacture of wooden pencils and coloured pencils
Cristal Benito & Fils Decorative objects in crystal
Cristalleries de Saint-Louis Cut glass work
CXB Home Tapestry maker
Dacheville Nicol-Ardi Aluminium foundry, general mechanics
Daguet Manufacture of travel items, fine leather goods and saddlery
David Ponson Design and manufacture of knives
Etablissement Saunion Chocolate and sweet-maker
Etablissements Erkel Automobile upholstery
Ets del Boca Painting, Restoration of façades, Masonry, Plasterwork, staff
Ets Jean Terzakou et Cie Making of furs and leathers
Ets Jean-Claude David Curing and smoking of fish
Ets L. Boucher, Au ver à soie Silk yarns
Ets Manet Frères Cured meats
Ets Serio Vittorio Design and manufacture of contemporary furniture
Faïencerie d'art de Malicorne Manufacture of earthenware objects
Fontes et Traditions Foundry work
François Hans Design and manufacture of household linen
Frédéric Butet Manufacture of bespoke, high-end horse-riding saddles
Fromagerie Ebrard Manufacture of cheeses and dairy products
Générale de découpage -
Jean Henaff -
Jean Obertino et Fils Manufacture of bells and saddlery
JFA Chantier naval Manufacture and restoration of boats
Koenig facteur d'orgues SA Organs manufacture
L'Arsoie - Cervin Manufacture of stockings, tights, underwear and clothing in fishnet
L'Atelier du Cuivre Copperware, embossing, tinplating, hammering
La Boîte d'Accordéon Crafting and restoration of accordions, bandoneons and concertinas
La Brosserie Française -
La Pessiere Sarl Fustier: construction of log houses
La Quenelle Lyonnaise Desmaris Manufacture of quenelles
Labelys Traçabilité Manufacture of casein brands
Laboratoires Provendi Manufacture of liquid soap
Lamatex Manufacture of cleaning textiles
Le Bois Pétrifié Sarl Manufacture of small furniture and decorative items from petrified wood
Leblon-Delienne Design and production of resin cartoon characters
Les Ateliers de la Chapelle Cabinetwork, sculpture, panelling, artistic joinery, parquet flooring
Les Ateliers de la Chapelle Restauration Conservation Conservation and restoration of furniture and religious furniture
Les Toiles du Soleil Weaving of household linnen
Marbrerie Provençale Marblework and stone carving
Marigaux Manufacture of prestigious wind instruments
MFP Boulangerie -
Michel Parmenon -
Oberthur Fiduciaire Fine-cut printing
Olivier Maupin Restoration of old books and training courses in this specialised profession
Orgues Giroud successeurs Organs manufacture
Orgues Quoirin Organs manufacture
Papeteries de Montségur Manufacture of tissue paper
Papeteries Leon Martin Manufacture of tissue paper
Patisserie Gilg SAS Manufacture of pastries, chocolates, ice cream and high-end catering products
Poterie d'Anduze, Les enfants de Boisset Manufacturer of horticultural pottery (Anduze vases)
Saumur Botterie Sarl Custom-made riding boots
Sèvres - Cité de la Céramique Production of porcelain objects
Société Gaston Mercier Développement Manufacture of saddles and accessories for endurance horse-riding
Société Trapani Fils Manufacture and restoration of boats
Solargil Extraction of clay, pigment, sand
Stenger plâtre et staff Plasterwork, staff and stucco
Susse Fondeur Artistic casting
Tassinari et Chatel Manufacture of silk products from Lyon
TERH Monuments historiques -
Thion Manufacture of textile maintenance products
Tissage Moutet Weaving of household linen
Tisserant Art et Style Manufacture of light fittings
Vuillet Vega Manufacture of glasses frames
Waltersperger SAS Manufacture of glass bottles and carafes
WEREY plâtre & staff Plasterwork, staff and stucco
Ypac Sarl Manufacture of buttons, fashion accessories, doorknobs and decorative items in porcelain
Yves Fossaert Manufacture d'orgues Organs manufacture