Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

The Excellence of French Know-How

The Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company, or EPV) label is a mark of recognition of the French State, put in place to reward French firms for the excellence of their traditional and industrial skills.
EPV: A force for developing tourism
A major inter-regional conference (Aquitaine, Auvergne, Languedoc-Roussillon –Midi-Pyrénées, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur) will be held on 16 and 17 October in Millau, around the theme "How do Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant (EPVs) help to promote tourism?".
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The EPV Route: exploring French manufacturing heritage
It's summer! Make the most of it by working your way across France exploring EPV-accredited workshops. To plan your schedule, take a look at the "Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant" ("Living Heritage Companies") Route, which offers you a lively and original way to explore France. Visit our exceptional craftsmen and step inside their workshops. Lovers of beautiful works, guardians of remarkable know-how, they're waiting to share their passion with you in their intimate workshops, showrooms and museums.
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Last EPV-Labelled Companies
A Funderia Cutlery
Agro'Novae Industrie - Les Comtes de Provence -
Alain Macé Sarl Bellmaker
Alambics Stupfler -
Alban Muller International -
Atelier Asquier Restoration and preservation of ceramic and glass objects
Atelier et Musée d'Horlogerie Restoration of wind-up clocks
Atelier Patrick Zambelli Plasterwork, staff and gypsery
Atelier PC Maury Restoration and interior decoration, gildings and painted sets
Atelier Pierre-Yves Le Floc'h Contemporary upholstery, furniture and fixture case-making
Atelier Porrachia Setting
Atelier Sedap -
Auzier Chabernac -
Bergerault percussions contemporaines Manufacture of percussions
Bernard Kerboeuf Manufacturer of hurdy-gurdies
Billebault Manufacturing of moulds, marquetry, precious veneers for framing
Bonbons Verdier Sarl Chocolate and sweet-maker
Bonnin-Dugué SARL -
Borrel Bouvard Arthaud -
Borzeix Besse Chocolate-maker
Boutroué -
Bronze d'Art Français Ornemental bronzesmith
Cafés Malongo Selection and roasting of coffees
Carrafont -
Causse Gantier Leather gloves
Charles-Luc Hommel Lute-making, quatuor, restoration and manufacturing
Charpente Cenomane -
Chaux Michel Boehm et Cie Production of lime and plaster
Chedeville-Lelandais -
Cheyne éditeur Printing and letterpress
Chocolat Weiss Chocolate maker, sweet maker
Chocolats Voisin Chocolate-maker
Ciergerie Leroy Manufacture of altar candles and candles
Cogitech Design and manufacture of contemporary furniture, decoration and art items.
Coopérative Oléicole de la Vallée des Baux Olive oil mill
Decayeux SAS Decorative hardware and door fixtures, letterboxes, safes and entrance doors
Desperrois -
Devoucoux Sellier -
Distillerie les Fils d'Emile Pernot Distillery
Dynale -
e-Picerie Sarl -
Ebénisterie Vencatachellum -
ECR1 Fabrication of top-of-the-range cardboard items (models, prototypes and limited editions)
Escale Bleue Vanilla production
Ets Maleville -
Ets Paul Charvet SA Planning, design and manufacture of firing equipment
Ets Pfirter Manufacture of polish for leather and sale of shoe accessories
Feeling's Sylvie Coquet Manufacture of porcelain objects
Ferronnerie Patrick Mazingue Iron work
Flamma Ironwork
Fonderie Cornille - Havard SAS Bellmaking
Horloges Huchez S.A.S -
Hugotag Ennoblissement SAS Textile dry filling and dyeing
L'Union des Forgerons Manufacture of forged items
La Rochère Manufacture of decorative glass articles
Laboratoire du Solvirex -
Le Travail du bois d'olivier Manufacture of olive wooden articles
Lenzi -
Les Métalliers Corréziens -
Les Tissages Perrin Weaving of silks
Loc Maria Biscuit making, manufacturing of "crêpes dentelles" (Gavottes)
Longchamp SAS Leather goods
Ludwig et Dominique Ebénistes Artistic joinery
Maison Auer Chocolate and sweet-maker
Marlux -
Masson Polyfroid -
Menuisier et compagnons Carpentry
Nougat Chabert & Guillot SA -
Objet Insolite - O.I. Diffusion -
Paloma Haute-Couture
Pastels Girault Manufacture of pastels
Pequignet Artistic clock making
Perrin SA Manufacturing of socks, hosiery, gloves, hats.
Pochet du Courval Bottlemaking
Poteries Goïcoechea Manufacture of terracotta potteries
Prêtre et Fils Bellmaker
Prugent ébénisterie Interior layout, cabinetwork
Ratinaud Créations Jewellery
Resta-Jay Percussions Manufacture of accessories for musical instruments
S.O.E. Stuc & Staff -
Sampic Père et Fils -
Savebag SA -
Saverglass Manufacturing of glass bottles (spirits, wines, perfume bottles, etc)
Sellerie du Mont Ventoux Automobile upholstery
Shahrokh Restoration, traditional dry-cleaning of carpets
Tannerie Garat & Fils Sarl Vegetal tanning of bovine leathers
Tanneries du Puy SAS Tanning of calf leather
Textile du Maine Haute-Couture, Ready-to-Wear, Accessories
Tissage de Gravigny 2 Plus Jacquard weaving and interlacing for upholstery
Toiles de Mayenne Manufacture of furnishing fabrics
Valtex Group -