Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant


The Excellence of French Know-How

The Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company, or EPV) label is a mark of recognition of the French State, put in place to reward French firms for the excellence of their traditional and industrial skills.
ISM / Parsons School partnership: a successful experiment
The EPV (Entreprise de Patrimoine Vivant - Living Heritage Company) label was created by the state to encourage SME producers of French excellence to innovate and seize new business opportunities. Living Heritage Companies have at heart the transmission of their knowledge to young people and are responsive to markets. It is in this context that a specific partnership emerged set up by the Institut Supérieur des Métiers (ISM) with the Paris campus of the renowned American design school, Parsons Paris.
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A prestigious Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant table, central pillar of the French Pavilion at the Universal Exhibition in Milan
From 1 May to 31 October 2015, Expo Milano 2015 (the Universal Exhibition) will host over 140 participating countries and an expected 20 million visitors. The Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV - Living Heritage Company) label, partner of the French Pavilion, occupies a space in the centre of the Pavilion. L'art de vivre and gastronomy find centre stage on this prestigious table, a central pillar of the exhibition. From porcelain to glassware, cutlery to marble, the French excellence exhibited combines tradition and innovation, know-how and creativity, labour and passion. The mise en scène continues into the spaces around and the farandole of culinary practices.
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Last EPV-Labelled Companies
Ammann-Sander -
Atelier Christian Gouel Production of limited-edition miniature scale models of cars for collectors
Atelier de l'Argoat -
Atelier du Grand Morin Manufacture of gears-racks specialist
Atelier Jean-Loup Bouvier Restoration of Historic Monuments, Stonemasonry, Stonecutting
Atelier Jérôme Dayot Contemporary furniture making
Ateliers Drevelle Manufacture of furniture and hardwood objects
Bas Armagnac Darroze -
Beauvillé, Manufacture d'impression sur étoffes Edition, printing and confection of household linen
Bianchi Sarl -
Blanchard FBF Fabric trimming (fringes)
Blanchard SA -
Bois d'harmonie Sarl Creation and reproduction of quartet accessories, violin making
Brosserie Julio Manufacture of brushes
Calf'Atelier, batelier du Ried Manufacture and restoration of flat wooden fishing-boat
Candide Artistic bronze-maker
Chevillotte SAS Manufacture and restoration of billiard tables
Compagnie Française du Bouton -
Creaform -
Etablissements L. André & Cie Engraving, seal-printing gilding and embossed printing
Favand et associés - Les Pavillons de Bercy - Musée des Arts Forains Restoration and production of artistic stallholder and shows objects
Fonderie des Cyclopes Ornamental founding, statues, monument restoration
G.U.E.P.A.R.D Design and production of interior/exterior decorative friezes
Graveline Traditionnal cutlery
Guy Degrenne Design, development and production of tableware and kitchenware
Horlogerie Montaufray Restoration of antique clocks, everyday clock and watch repairs
Julien Faure SAS Manufacture of fashionable ribbons and silks
La Feuille d'or Gold-leaf work
La Manufacture Saint - Jean Manufacture and restoration of tapestries and ancient carpets
La Quiberonnaise -
Le Potier d'Etain - Ets Patrick Brassac Design and production of pewter decorative ware, wineware and tableware
Lemaire Tricotel Creation and restoration of decorative trellis
Leroux Sarl -
Les Sables Noirs Bronzesmith
M.H. Diffusion - La licorne verte Creation of large-scale semi-natural trees
Maison Gelas -
Marotte Pascal Marquetry
Metras-Boyauderie Triperie Méditerranéenne Production of tripe products
Nautiraid -
Orfèvrerie Liberty Manufacture of gold (or silver) working articles, precious metallic tableware goods
Paccard Fonderie Bellfounding, bellhanging, carillon building, monumental sculpture
Patisserie Vergne -
Polymeto -
Potel et Chabot Caterer and organiser of prestigious receptions
Saint-Clair Le Traiteur Caterer and organiser of prestigious receptions
SCA Château de Laubade -
Société Corse de Conservation-restauration Restoration of painted works, paintings, icons
Société des Produits d'Armagnac Distillery
Société Industrielle du Neez Marbleware
Studio Harcourt Paris -
Tous les Moteurs Restoration and reconstruction of engines and motors for wheeled vehicles
Treillages Martin Trellismaker