Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant


Holders of the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label have the following characteristics:


- They own specific economic heritage resulting from their production experience.


- They put into practice rare skills that draw on a mastery of traditional or technically advanced techniques.


- They have ties with a particular region.


1. Criteria indicating ownership of specific economic heritage:

In order to qualify for the label, companies must satisfy at least one of the criteria in each of the three categories below:

- The company owns rare equipment, tools, machinery, designs or technical documentation.


- The company holds intellectual property rights for its products, services or production equipment.


- The company owns a trademark or brand name that is well known at least regionally. This may take the form of a specific customer base.



2. Criteria indicating possession of rare skills that draw on a mastery of traditional or technically advanced techniques: 


- The company possesses acknowledged and unquestionable know-how, either exclusive or shared with a small number of companies.


- The company possesses know-how not accessible through standard training channels, but which is transmitted by the company itself.


- The company employs one or more staff with expertise requiring years of training, who it would be hard to recruit or train.



3. Criteria indicating how well known or established the company is in its geographical location:


- The company’s reputation is tied to a cultural or ancestral dimension, either local, national or international, which may also be linked to the historical or architectural value of its premises or production equipment, or to the nature of the products or services it offers.


- The company’s products are produced or restored using special production processes, authentic and unchanged, established by local usage, or using tools or machinery designed specifically in the area in which the company is known.