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French country furniture: Quality rewarded by the EPV label

Closely linked to the "French way of life” and the "Made in France” quality guarantee, the EPV label generously rewards the furniture and interior design sector.

French furniture: synonymous with luxury and refinement

Since Louis XIV’s Grand Siècle, French furniture has enjoyed a world-class reputation. Its attention to detail, elegant wood form and constant commitment to comfort make it an industry that symbolises Western luxury and refinement.

Its conception resorts to professions that combine art and design, letting various materials (leather, wool, bronze, gold, marquetry) delicately adapt each piece to the client’s wishes.

A prestigious distinction for French manufacturing heritage

Dedicated to "Made in France” with very high added value, the governmental EPV label rewards craftsmen and industries whose work successfully fuses tradition, passion and innovation. Allocated for a period of five years after a tough selection process, it showcases rare, famous and cultural expertise unique to French companies. It is also committed to preserving and developing this outstanding manufacturing heritage, enabling its outreach and creativity.

Reputed brands and suppliers of French furniture

This distinction is afforded to many French furniture companies with both high tech manufacturing processes and a local status developed over generations, such as Duvivier (leather sofas), Collinet (seating), Grange, and Chevillotte (pool tables).

They also include some of the sector’s top suppliers, such as cabinet-makers Jallu and Henryot & Cie, rug-makers Arpin and Charles Jouffre or even creator of interior decorative objects Baccarat.