Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Latest EPV-Labelled Companies

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Last EPV-Labelled Companies
Agnelle Leather gloves
Alain Montpied Charronnage Manufacture of wooden wheels
Alexandre Mareuil Travel and hunting articles, custom leather goods
Alpina Savoie -Manufacture of hand-made pasta
Anis de l'Abbaye de Flavigny-Troubat Manufacture of sweets
Atelier de Ricou Restoration and creation of painted décors
Avel Manufacture of polish for leather and sale of shoe accessories
Bassaisteguy-Masson Sarl -
Berthier Christophe Creation and restoration of stained-glass windows
Biard-Roy Bellmaker
Broussaud Textiles Knitting
Chantier Naval Dubourdieu 1800 Shipbuilding (wood)
Couleur Chocolat -
Dehondt Technologies Agricultural machines for flax
Dissidi SA Manufacture of period furniture
Effet Passementeries Manufacture of plaits, laces, chenilles, fringes and braided items (ornaments, accessories)
Espuna Manufacture of safety gloves
Ets Ferrand -
Fauchon Réceptions Caterer and organiser of prestigious receptions
GL Altesse Jewellery
Handysoie -
Kerlan Upholstery
L'Art de l'Espadrille Manufacture of crod soles of espadrilles and mocassins
La Pendulerie Artistic clock making
Laurent Plet Sarl Organs manufacture
Le Taillevent Gastronomic restaurant
Lucal -
Maison Massaro Custom boots and shoes
Mamias Bellmaker
Maroquinerie Renouard Leather goods
Montgolfier Sarl Manufacture of tableware and decorative items in ceramic
Poterie Le Chêne Vert SAS Manufacture of varnished pottery (Anduze vases)
Ragni -
Remy Garnier SA Manufacture of decorative locks
Saboterie des Lacs Sarl Manufacture of clogs
Secma Cabon General mechanics
Serrurerie Romano Metal work, ironwork, metal millwork
Stark and Sons -
Terres Cuites de Courboissy Manufacture of terracotta tiles