Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Latest EPV-Labelled Companies

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Last EPV-Labelled Companies
A. Fontès et Fils Cured meats
Alain Cartier Tapestry and restoration of ancient seats
Alain-Edouard Bidal Stonecutting
Alina Production .
Alran Leather- tawing
Arba Lapidaire Stone maker
Atelier Flory Brisset Hand embroidery
Atelier Philippe Martial Manufacture of cardboard (packaging)
Ateliers Duplan Manufacture of cardboard (packaging)
Au Liegeur - Ets J. Pontneau Denis .
Auberlet et Laurent Plasterwork, staff and stucco, gypsery
Barthe Manufacture of terracotta tiles
Beyrand Screen printer
Biscuiterie de Montbozon Manufacture of biscuits
Bronze d'art Serralheiro Foundry
Bugis Knitting
Cas-Bernard Jewellery
Champagne Gosset Champagne wine production
Chantier naval Bernadou Manufacture and restoration of boats
Charabot Manufacture of raw materials for perfumery, cosmetics and the food sector
Chisteras Gonzalez Onena -
Collections Charles Paget Manufacture of seats
Coutellerie Au Sabot Cutlery
Didier Glais Roofing, roof timbers, timber frames
Douval - Vega Passion Restoration of old vehicles
Dutel Weaving of silks
EG Ebenisterie Générale Cabinetwork and layout
Ets Denis et Fils Weaving of silks
Ets Marcel Dumas et Compagnie Tanning - Parchment works
Europasweet -
Fantex Industrie weaving braiding narrow fabric knitting
Farol Cutlery-maker
Ferronnerie de l'Abbaye Ornamental iron- and metalwork
Ferry Capitain Foundry
Fonderie d'art Macheret Artistic casting
Forge & Design Wrought metalwork
Gainerie 91 Manufacture of leather boxes and display cases for watchmaking and jewellery
Ganterie-maroquinerie de Saint-Junien Leather gloves
Garnier Facteur d'orgues France Organs manufacture
Holding Textile Hermès Weaving and edition of silks
Hubert Brayé Organs manufacture
Laguiole Synergie Cutlery-maker
Les Etains de Lyon Manufacture of pewter counters
Luc Vaganay Restoration of old furniture
Manufacture de Parapluies de Cherbourg Umbrella making
Maq 2 Design and production of three-dimensional scale models and scenic design
Nice Festivités Manufacture of carnival floats
Nogent *** Cutlery-maker
Nor Line Leather-goods, travel articles, leather-cased articles
Orest Group Jewellery
Paraboot Manufacture of shoes
Plastimer Manufacture and restoration of boats
Scierie Forest Sawmill
Sièges Bastiat -
Société Nouvelle Mégisserie Colombier Manufacture of lambskins, sheepskins and kid-leathers
Tonnellerie Doreau -
UGEPA Manufacture of wallpapers