Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Latest EPV-Labelled Companies

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Last EPV-Labelled Companies
Arthema Restauration Conservation, restoration and creation of painted and gilded décors
Artoria Manufacture and decoration of porcelain articles
Atelier Antonin Bouchard Restoration of old furniture
Atelier Ceramique Regnier -
Atelier Julien H Leather goods
Atelier Lejeusne Seal-printing - calligraphy
Atelier Thomas Vitraux Creation and restoration of stained glass windows
Ateliers 78 Interior layout, cabinetwork
Ateliers Bataillard Wrought metalwork
Ateliers Duchemin Creation and restoration of stained glass windows
Bougies La Française -Manufacture of candles, church candles and night-lights
c.H-D art production -
Céline Ready-to-wear
Christophe Fey Concept Decorative leather-sheating, leather-gilding, embossed- leathers
Christophe Roy Roof-frame
Claire Babet Vitraux Creation and restoration of stained glass windows
Cristofol-ASF Jewellery
Decoroc Stonecutting and stone sculpture
Demars SAS Stonemasonry and stonecutting
Despierres Charpente Navale -
Domaines Thieubert Distillery
Dryade créations Sarl Manufacture of boat fittings
Entreprise Muquet Cabinetwork and layout
Fonderies de Sougland Foundry work
Georges Blanc Hotel - catering industry
Gestas Créations Sarl Manufacture of seats and furniture
Giraudet Manufacture of quenelles, sauces, soups, etc.
Groupe distillerie Claeyssens - GDC Wambrechies Manufacture of alcohol from seeds
Gureak - Atelier Don Quichosse Manufacture of espadrille shoes
H. Chevalier Stone cutting and masonry
Hugues Rambert sarl Manufacture of lampshade
Jean-Michel Houcke -
La Naucelloise SA Manufacture of tripe, pâtés and knuckles of ham
Lallier Agencement -
Lazareth Auto-Moto --
Le Garde-Temps Artistic clock making
Les Compagnons de Castellane Restoration of dressed stone and masonry
Les Manufactures Catry Manufacture of small carpets, Wilton weaving
Les Tissages de la Lys Manufacture Jules Pansu Manufacture of Jacquard fabric and tapestries
Maison Meilleur Artistic bronze-maker
Muzzarelli Restoration of heritage buildings
Nicolas Bonnet Stone cutting and carving
Orline Jewellery
Pictorial Service - PICTO Photograph enlargement, touch-ups and creation of images
Rampal Latour Manufacture of soaps
Revol Porcelaine SA -
Robert Four Tapestry and artistic carpets
Salaisons du Mont Pilat Charcutier
Sarl Contejuga - Ulgador Manufacture of wallpapers
Seguin Moreau -
Sellerie Fleur de lys -Saddlery, harness leather for horse riding
Société Audouin -
Société de Fabrication Alimentaire Provençale - SOFALIP Transformation of dried fruits, marzipan
Tannerie Sovos Grosjean Leather tanning
Taxidermiste Barbary Damien Taxidermy, osteology