Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Latest EPV-Labelled Companies

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Last EPV-Labelled Companies
Anciens Ateliers Barthe-Bordereau Sarl Creation and restoration of stained-glass windows
Atelier des Géants -
Ateliers DLB Roof-frame and carpentry
Aubercy Boot makers, manufacture and sale of footwear, belts and shoe trees
Beaulieu Boetie Making of furs and leathers
Betsinor -
Bullier - Pinceaux Leonard Manufacture of brushes
Carrosserie Klughertz Restoration of vehicles
Compagnie Vosgienne de la Chaussure Boot makers, manufacture and sale of footwear, belts and shoe trees
Concept Ebénist' Cabinetmaking
Confitures Herbin Manufacture of jams
Costet Decoration -
Editions Bucciali Fine-cut printing
Faiencerie de Charolles Manufacture of earthenware objects
Groupe Voltaire -Saddlery, harness leather for horse riding
Horlogerie Vassort et Joubert Repair and manufacture of clock mechanisms, clocks and watches
Jean-Louis Duverger, l'Horlogerie d'Antan, Atelier de Restauration de pendules anciennes -
JMB Taille de Pierre Stonecutting
John Lobb SAS Boot makers, manufacture and sale of footwear, belts and shoe trees
L'Atelier des Fac-similés du Périgord -Manufacture of models and prototypes (industry
La Gainerie d'Art -
Le Jacquard Français Design, manufacture and sale of table linen, kitchen linen and bathroom linen
Les Etuis Mirault
Lyon Lace Manufacture of laces
Maison Grevet Restoration of built heritage – stonemasonry, stonecutting
Manufacture Alphonse Castex -
Maroquinerie La Fabrique Leather goods
Mazet de Montargis Chocolate and sweet-maker
Mecadis Production and restoration of silverware and cutlery, production of decorative metal parts for light switches and sockets
Metronome Technologie -
Reeman Cuirs dorés Decorative leather-sheating, leather-gilding, embossed- leathers
Sarl de Magneval -Manufacture of models and prototypes (industry
SECL Restoration of vehicles
SIGébène Sarl Interior layout
Société de Marqueterie Lacroix-Marrec -
Société des Couverts de Mouroux Silversmithing, production of cutlery in silver, silver-plated nickel silver and stainless steel
Sofama Leather goods
Soieries Roger Cheval Textile printing
Sophan Leather goods
Tirot Eurl Manufacture of wooden toys (boats)
Vitrail Saint-Georges Restoration and creation of stained-glass windows
Vitrines Lelièvre Driot -
Vivian Restoration of ancient heritage (historical monuments), masonry, stone cutting, tile and lead roofing