Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Latest EPV-Labelled Companies

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Last EPV-Labelled Companies
Adobati Fondeur Artistic casting
Alain Vagh Céramique Terracotta and enamelled lava tiles
Alban Muller International Development/production of active ingredients and cosmetics, as well as plant extracts for health and well-being
Andouilles Rivalan Quidu -
Atelier Laurence D Upholstery
Au parapluie des Pyrénées Umbrella making
Azaïs-Polito -
Bonnefoy Créations Manufacture of scarves, shawls, ponchos, bonnets and gloves
Boucanage Atelier Service -
Bouin-Gardon Gold-leaf work
CBR Levage Manufacture of straps and slings
Creanog Embossed printing and hot marking
Crepin Petit Manufacture of buttons for the fashion industry
Erel Chaussures de France -
Ets E. Pecou Manufacture of sugar-coated almonds, chocolates and silvered beads
FG Manufacture Jewellery
Franck Tressens - EPHTEE Manufacture of bespoke luxury trunks
Fremaux Delorme S.A. Weaving of household linen
Ganterie Lesdiguières-Barnier Leather gloves
Jacquenet Malin Wood turning
L'Heure du Lys Artistic clock making
Laguiole Arbalète Genes David Cutlery-maker
Les ateliers d'art de la Rmn-Grand Palais -
Les Carrelages de St Samson La Poterie Terracotta tiles
Maison Duler -
Maison Richart Chocolate maker, sweet maker
Marca Manufacture of reeds for wind instruments
Mauviel 1830 Copperware, embossing, tinplating, hammering
Mehari Club Cassis (MCC) -
Metzger Maître Bottier Cordonnier Manufacture of made-to-measure shoes
Moulins de Versailles Feed meal manufacture
MR Cartonnage Numérique Manufacture of luxury cartons – mock-ups and batch production
Pillivuyt Production and trade in porcelain tableware and cookware
Septi Manufacture of implements
Société des Ets F. Pfirter Manufacture of polish for leather and sale of shoe accessories
Sud France Gold-leaf work
Tannerie Remy Carriat -