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14 June 2017
Discover A World Of Excellence, two Chinese documentaries on the EPV label Two episodes of the Chinese programme "A World of Excellence" produced by Hantang Culture and focussing on the EPV label, were broadcast in May 2017 on 47 TV channels in China and on seven Chinese airlines. The Chinese film crew came to film the EPV companies Parfums Caron, Pianos Balleron, Le Meurice, Maison Fey, Verrerie de Soisy, Richard Orfèvre, Baguès and Linge au Cœur, as well as Alexis Govciyan, director of the Institut Supérieur des Métiers, in order to highlight this state label dedicated to French excellence.
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13 June 2017
23 June 2017: Asia speed-meeting for EPVs A regional powerhouse for international economic development, with an average growth rate of almost 6.4% in 2016 (3.1% on a world scale), Asia is made up of countries that are very different politically, culturally and economically, but most of which share a common thread: the major development of the middle classes, with their higher revenue levels. To help EPVs position themselves on this market, the ISM and CCI France International is organising a speed-meeting workshop with five national advisors. Bpi France Assurance Export will also be present to respond to the EPVs in parallel with the others.
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06 April 2017
The DGE/Business France export partnership for EPVs has been renewed The export agreement to promote Living Heritage Companies (EPV) signed between the French General Directorate for Enterprise (DGE) and Business France, the French agency that promotes companies’ international development, has been renewed. Highlights on the programme for EPVs in 2017 include product presentations in Singapore and Jeddah, the arrival of foreign influencers to trade fairs (Révélations and the International Cultural Heritage Trade Fair), along with export training.
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05 April 2017
The EPV label at the heart of the The first edition of "Know-How Days" (Journées des Savoir-Faire) organised by the ESSEC Business School's Chair for Management of Exceptional Expertise will be held on 22, 23 and 24 May 2017 in partnership with the EPV (living heritage) label. The EPV label will be in the spotlight over these three days: conference on the label for students, demos on the Cergy campus carried out by companies holding this state label and student case studies of EPV companies
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