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The DGCIS/Ubifrance partnership for EPVs has been renewed

The export agreement in favour of EPV companies signed between the Direction Générale de la Compétitivité, de l’Industrie et des Services (DGCIS – Directorate General for Competition, Industry and Services) and Ubifrance, the French agency for the international business development, has been renewed.


Under the partnership between the DGCIS and Ubifrance, the French government provides support for EPV export actions.

 In 2013, this programme notably made it possible to provide support for 32 enterprises with the EPV label in the English market (Exhibition at Harrods in London, June 2013and 12 EPVs in the New York market («Taste of France» operation, september 2013).

Furthermore, thirteen Russian and Dutch customers met with some forty EPVs at the International Heritage Show, as well as an EPV delegation from the Haute Normandie region.

This support was renewed by the DGCIS and Ubifrance for 2014. Its goal is to support first-time exporters as well as experienced exporters in all business sectors.

The programme includes three collective canvassing operations to be organised during the year (schedule to come):

- EPV operation as part of «French May» in Hong Kong (May 2014)

- EPV operation at the Multifactorial Forum in Yekaterinburg, Russia (October 2014);

- A 3rd operation is being defined.

12 December 2013