Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

ISM and Ubifrance win the "Demain l’Economie" prize for promoting EPV companies abroad

The Institut Supérieur des Métiers (ISM), commissioned by the French state to manage the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label, and Ubifrance were awarded the "Demain l’Economie" prize on Tuesday 11th March 2014 in the Export category. This trophy, awarded in the presence of Jean-Paul Delevoye, Chairman of the Economic, social and environmental council at a ceremony in Palais d'Iéna, rewarded the "Le Grand Atelier" project, allowing a selection of 32 companies of excellence with the EPV label to exhibit in Harrods (London) in June 2013, backed by the DGCIS (Department of Competitiveness, Industry and Services).

Organised by the Association des anciens auditeurs du Cycle des hautes études pour le développement économique (AAACHEDEin partnership with the Institut de la Gestion Publique et du Développement Économique (IGPDE), the "Demain l’Économie" prize rewards the successful partnerships between companies and the public sector which help the economic development of our country.


French excellence spotlighted on the UK market

Le Grand Atelier, a temporary boutique dedicated to the excellence of French know-how, hosted the best of French gastronomy, interior design and creation at Harrods, from 3rd to 29th June 2013. The purpose was to promote the know-how of Living Heritage Companies, flagships of French lifestyle, by using the fame and image of the famous London store, an icon of luxury, to promote exceptional French products.

The 32 companies enjoyed financial, technical and commercial assistance and benefited from a communication campaign organised by the three partner organisations, namely the ISM, Ubifrance and the DGCIS (Department of Competitiveness, Industry and Services).


Three aspects of the project appealed to the jury:

- The promotion of the EPV government-approved label, allocated by the Ministry for Craft, Commerce and Tourism and the Ministry for Industrial Renewal,

- The support given to these exceptional companies in terms of export,

- The promotion of French know-how and excellence and the image of France in an upmarket London department store.

The quality of the project in economic, social and societal terms was rewarded, notably for the development of new business relations for the companies, and support for sustainable French production.

11 March 2014