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EPVs will be at the “Rencontres France – Russie” in Yekaterinburg in October 2014

The “Rencontres France-Russie” (France-Russia Meetings), organized in Yekaterinburg by Ubifrance, will be held on 6 and 7 October 2014. A special EPV operation will be organized for the occasion, notably an exhibition of products at the heart of the event and special communication on the label and the EPVs in attendance for professional customers and end users.

This special showcase is part of the 2014 EPV export programme in cooperation with Ubifrance and the DGCIS. It concerns all business sectors: the Ubifrance office in Yekaterinburg will study each company’s file to validate whether there is local demand for the products proposed.

Download the event presentation brochure

Contact: Anne-Laure Halphen (ISM - 01 44 16 80 42) or Vanessa Préteux (Ubifrance - 01 40 73 36 41)

06 June 2014