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The DGE/Business France export partnership for EPVs has been renewed

The export agreement to promote Living Heritage Companies (EPV) signed between the French General Directorate for Enterprise (DGE) and Business France, the French agency that promotes companies’ international development, has been renewed. Highlights on the programme for EPVs in 2017 include product presentations in Singapore and Jeddah, the arrival of foreign influencers to trade fairs (Révélations and the International Cultural Heritage Trade Fair), along with export training.

Within the framework of a partnership between the DGEand Business France, the French government supports the activities of EPVs who export. 77% of companies with this label generate a share of their turnover abroad.

In 2016, this programme made it possible to support EPVs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha, where the Hotel – Decoration Connecting Days were held. The EPVs took part in the French Design Forum dedicated to them at London’s Café Royal in September 2016.
Last but not least, a product presentation in China – "Art de Vivre à la Française” – brought together over fifteen companies with the EPV label in Shanghai from 25 to 28 October 2016.

In France, German, Swedish and English influencers visited the International Cultural Heritage Trade Fair at the Carrousel du Louvre last November, and were able to discover some sixty EPV exhibitors.

Finally, as is true every year, training in the fundamentals of exporting was held in December 2016 for EPVs new to export.

This support has therefore been renewed by the DGE and Business France for 2017. Its aim is to support both novice and experienced exporters in all sectors of activity.

Several joint prospecting operations are in the pipeline.

Two events abroad:

- A product presentation: Art de Vivre à la Française in Singapore in March 2017
- A product presentation: French luxury in interior design in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

And three events in France:

- The arrival of foreign influencers to the Révélations Trade Fair, from 3-8 May 2017,
- The arrival of foreign influencers to the International Cultural Heritage Trade Fair in November 2017,
- Training in the fundamentals of exporting in December 2017.

Finally, a social media drive was put in place in early March as part of the Creative France campaign to promote EPVs. The aim of this campaign is to showcase French creativity, innovation and know-how.

06 April 2017