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Discover A World Of Excellence, two Chinese documentaries on the EPV label

Two episodes of the Chinese programme "A World of Excellence" produced by Hantang Culture and focussing on the EPV label, were broadcast in May 2017 on 47 TV channels in China and on seven Chinese airlines. The Chinese film crew came to film the EPV companies Parfums Caron, Pianos Balleron, Le Meurice, Maison Fey, Verrerie de Soisy, Richard Orfèvre, Baguès and Linge au Cœur, as well as Alexis Govciyan, director of the Institut Supérieur des Métiers, in order to highlight this state label dedicated to French excellence.

To view these documentaries, click on the links below:

- A World of Excellence, Episode 1 on the EPV label

Alexis Govciyan, Director of the Institut Supérieur des Métiers which manages the EPV label for the French state

- A World of Excellence, Episode 2 on the label EPV

Sylvie Fouanon, CEO of Pianos Balleron

- Jocelyn Herland, Chief Executive, Le Meurice

- Romain Alès, President of Parfums Caron and President of the National EPV Labelling Committee

14 June 2017