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3 July 2018: 3rd International Speed Meeting for EPVs at the Ministry for the Economy and Finance

Following the first two Speed Meetings and the Working Group supporting EPV companies for export initiated by the DGE, ISM, CCI International and CCI France International signed a partnership agreement in November, aimed at improving the coordination of support activity for EPV companies in France and abroad. As part of this initiative, the 3rd International Speed Meeting for EPVs will be held at Bercy at the Centre de Conférence Pierre-Mendès of the Ministry for the Economy and Finance on 03 July 2018. Around thirty experts from CCi France International and Business France will hold personalised meetings with the directors of EPV companies as part of the event.

EPVs will have the chance to meet experts from all over the world and receive tailored strategic analysis during these free individual meetings with experts from around thirty countries, advising them on their international development projects. They will meet with experts who are directors or consultants to French CCIs and Business France offices abroad.

Together with these personalised meetings, practical workshops will also be taking place, organised in partnership with Bpi France Assurance Export, Business France and the French Customs Authority.

04 July 2018