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13 December 2018: National Committee of Living Heritage Companies

The next National Committee of the Living Heritage Companies label will take place on Thursday 13 December 2018. The meeting will be hosted by Mr Philippe Huppé, French MP of the 5th constituency of the Hérault department, and will take place at the National Assembly. As a reminder, this committee is made up of professionals who work to promote practices which guarantee excellence in their trade. It meets seven to eight times per year to study applications for the Living Heritage Company (EPV) label.

One of the roles of the Institut Supérieur des Métiers (ISM) is to oversee the label application analysis as well as the operation of the national labelling committee.

To maintain excellence, each application examined by the ISM also depends on the opinions of State services in the regions (DIRECCTE) and consular establishments, Chambers of Trade and Crafts (CMA) and Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI).

The ISM then writes a report which considers the analyses made by the different experts of the trade during a visit to the company. This appraisal report is examined by the national labelling committee, formed of independent experts whose specialised opinion is used as guidance for the final ministerial decision.

07 December 2018