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23-26 April 2019: 3rd EPV - ESSEC Hackathon with the Journées des Savoir-Faire!

The 3rd edition of the “Journées des Savoir-Faire” (expertise days), co-organised by the ISM and the Management Chair of the ESSEC Business School, will take place from 23 to 26 April 2019 at the offices of the EPV (Living Heritage Company) Studio Harcourt. Over these four days, the EPV label will be central to an expertise-based Hackathon, with the students of the Chair working on concrete problems set by 4 companies with the EPV label (CDA Productions, Fauchon Réceptions, Stark and Sons and Studio Harcourt), as well as the Palace of Versailles.

With marketing, design and innovation, transmission and durability, finance and management and human resource management, the students will study the economic models of these exceptional companies and propose strategic and operational business plans aimed at improving their reputation and profitability.

The students will work on the following EPVs:

- CDA Productions
Manufacture of wax figures

The studio CDA Productions specialises in producing ultra-realistic wax figures. This work was first developed at the Musée Grévin, with the studio upholding the tradition of creating famous figures from wax. It is a unique area of expertise that combines traditional techniques with the use of 3D technologies such as scanning.
Work begins by studying the definition of the figure’s attitude and expression according to a given scenario, followed by clay modelling, moulding, wax or resin casting for the body, implanting hair, painting and make-up, creating custom costumes and dressing the figures. Every detail is recreated so as to make the model as realistic as its double. The studio also produces virtual figures and icons from comic books, video games and animated films.

- Fauchon Réceptions
Caterer and Organiser of prestigious receptions

In 1886, at the age of 30, Auguste Fauchon, originally from Calvados, opened Paris’ first fine épicerie on Place de la Madeleine, offering a selection of high-quality fresh and delicatessen products made exclusively in France.
2009 saw the growth of a new "Receptions” business, which upholds the values of FAUCHON, a brand that has become the standard-bearer for French culinary luxury around the world, with high-end gastronomic services that put a new twist on French culinary heritage, combining historic savoir-faire and contemporary creations. With a laboratory in St Ouen focused on 3 areas – cold food, hot food and pâtisserie –, the rare expertise of the teams covers the knowledge and assessment of fine produce and the artisanal techniques required to preserve all their qualities.

- Stark and Sons
Made-to-measure tailor, pattern maker (men)

Stark and Sons is a Parisian made-to-measure tailor located on Rue de la Paix since 1910. Three generations of tailors have followed on from one another, enabling the now century-old family business to transcend each new era with elegance, becoming a Living Heritage Company. A "Tailor of the Republic” for General de Gaulle and renowned maker of the "Habit Vert” clothing for the members of the Académie Française, in 2014 Stark and Sons turned a new page following the death of Alain Stark. Along with Charles and Julien, sons of master tailor Marc de Luca, Stark has expanded with an ambitious project, designing a new line of made-to-measure suits. It took two years of work for this major change, leading the company to stitch together a style that is resolutely Parisian!

- Studio Harcourt Paris
Photography studio

Boasting a prestigious clientele since its inception in 1934, Studio Harcourt finds inspiration in the glamorous roots of black-and-white cinema. The company has unique expertise, based on the mastery of photography and lighting specific to Studio Harcourt. It uses a unique light to highlight the natural qualities of each individual customer. The Studio’s speciality has always been black-and-white portraits, with the use of continuous indirect lighting, specific facial modelling with Mole-Richardson lights and especially bright lighting for the eyes.

Its fundamental and complex expertise is that of lighting. There are 4 stages to creating a photo at Studio Harcourt: make-up, work on set with the photographers, editing and printing (digital, primarily on the latest inkjet printers). The editing is performed on conventional software (Photoshop, Lightroom) and is based on working with grey tones.

06 April 2019