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Just a few more days to compete in the Prix Étienne Marcel 2019!

In France, responsible entrepreneurs do not boast of their success. They communicate little about their good practices, do not know how to capitalise on them and rarely share them with the general public. SME bosses simply do not have the time, nor the networks and the resources. It is precisely to overcome these limits and because SMEs create social ties that the Etienne Marcel Prize was created.

Why Étienne Marcel? Etienne Marcel, provost of the merchants of Paris was a free, courageous and contrasted person. Defender of a responsible action of proximity, he fought for a controlled and stabilised political, administrative and financial power.

This award recognises small and medium-sized businesses that combine economic performance with responsible commitment. It is aimed at independent companies that implement innovative actions in favour of employment, vocational training, equal opportunities and sustainable development. A special jury prize is awarded to a company that integrates a territorial dimension and social, environmental and economic concerns in its development.

See you on 26 June 2019 at the Senate for the winners!

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25 May 2019