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French instrument-making at the Music China fair

China is a growth market for EPV-labelled instrument makers. Six of them took part in the Music China fair in Shanghai, from 12 to 15 October.

Le Bois de Lutherie (preparation of wood for instrument-making), Jean-Christophe Graff (instrument maker), Jean-François Daber (bow maker), Ets Rigotti (makers of reeds for musical instruments), Marca (makers of reeds for wind instruments) and Eric Lourme (making, repair and hire of string quartet instruments) exhibited their products at the event.

As holders of the EPV label, they benefited from additional services under the agreement between Ubifrance and the French Directorate-General for Competitiveness, Industry and Services (DGCIS), including preferential rates, interpreters and contact follow-up. A document presenting the label and EPV exhibitors in Chinese was also distributed throughout the fair.

In China, labelled companies now benefit from the support of an International Volunteer, based at the Economic Mission in Shanghai. They can approach him for all their market exploration needs, and are entitled to three days’ accompaniment, all expenses paid. 


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10 October 2010