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02 April 2013
The faïence and enamels of Longwy: between tradition and modernity
Longwy, in the heart of Lorraine, in one of France’s great historic centres for pottery, is where the firm Faïenceries et Émaux de Longwy was founded in 1798. Today, many designers (among them Hilton McConnico, Garouste & Bonetti, Anne-Marie Beretta, Régis Dho and Jean Boggio) have brought their creativity to bear on its work. Let’s take a look around for a better understanding of this marriage between tradition and modernity.
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08 January 2013
Spotlight on the Manufacture d'Aubusson Robert Four
A new report to read on one of our excellent companies! The Manufacture d'Aubusson Robert Four tapestry factory, an EPV company since 2006, is one of the last remaining heirs of the Manufactures d’Aubusson tapestry factories, which was raised to the ranks of Manufactures Royales (royal tapestry factory) by Colbert in 1664. It represents over 80% of today's production of tapestries and Aubusson carpets in France and in the world.
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14 November 2012
Behind the scenes of La Cornue
Since it was founded in 1908, the family firm La Cornue has been making cookers and cooking ranges. It was awarded the EPV label in 2007.
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25 January 2012
Red carpet rolled out for Manufacture d’Aubusson Robert Four

No ordinary project for no ordinary atelier: that is how one might describe the challenge taken up by the craftsmen of Manufacture d’Aubusson Robert Four. Three giant rugs, commissioned by a Russian buyer – an art enthusiast appreciative of French heritage – took over a year to be entirely handmade. Covering a total surface area of 417 square metres, the three works were inspired by designs made in an Empire style by Jacques-Louis de La Hamayde de Saint-Ange during the first half of the 19th century.


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