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05 October 2015
Oliger, earthenware wood stove manufacturer since 1970
Let's warm ourselves by opening the doors to a unique Living Heritage Company.... the 100% French tiled woodstove manufacturer, Oliger. The company, founded in 1970 by Marcel and Annette Lantz, is today managed by their daughter Blanche. It is both guardian of expertise and a technical innovator, improving the performance of this heating system, which is at once clean and highly heat efficient but also decorative and customisable.
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10 September 2015
Manufacture Jules Pansu, weaver since 1878
Picasso, Miró, Kandinsky and Magritte are all here. Or at least some of their most famous works. 'Dora Mar' welcomes us in the magnificent showroom of the Jules Pansu house. According to Magritte, this is not an apple. Of course, this is a cushion. In fact, everything here is made of thread. Founded in 1878, the Manufacture Jules Pansu is part of the historical heritage of French upholstery. Since 2012, it has been an Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company), the heritage label awarded by the State.
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14 November 2014
Vermorel, heritage restorer
The era of European church and cathedral building lies in the distant past. So distant that, for most of these elegant old edifices, there has, for decades now, been a pressing need for a breath of new life. Dominique Vermorel is among those stonemasons who are today restoring our heritage. His EPV-labelled firm deserved a flash of the spotlight.
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01 October 2014
Leblon-Delienne, creator of statuettes and emotions
Leblon-Delienne, holder of the "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" label since 2010, was the precursor of comic-book figurines. It designs and makes limited-edition, 3D collectors’ statuettes of comic-book characters. A meeting with the company’s chairman and managing director, Laurent Buob, was a must.
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