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Bespoke projects for architects and decorators: Ateliers EMG highlights the beauty of wood

Ateliers EMG's contemporary and traditional projects generally involve architects or decorators. In barely 20 years, this cabinet worker and interior joinery firm has become one of the best. This is why we wanted to take a look inside this company, which was awarded the EPV label in 2012.

The list of splendid projects carried out on residences, mansion houses and even palaces, all over the world, is long. The teams will soon be setting off to Qatar to assemble a full part.
In the meantime, in the workshop based in the Paris region, the last adjustments are being made on the assemblies that will be dismantled so that they can be rubbed down and then varnished before being re-assembled. Then, all markings and measurements will be taken for final installation on the project site.

The plan, made in the engineering department under the leadership of Alexis Varin, guides and co-ordinates all of the workshop's actions.
But the use of cutting-edge techniques and tools, along with the know-how of 25 employees, cannot disguise the passion felt for the raw material: wood.

It is the job of Jean-Marie Misseri, founder of Ateliers EMG, to select the species. At Botra, a supplier of veneer from fine species, Patrick Daubé, another wood enthusiast, always keeps a few exceptional or atypical batches for EMG. The beauty of these woods with enchanting names is enhanced further by Ateliers EMG in line with the size of the projects and the demands of customers, who are interior designers and architects.

21 June 2013