Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Vermorel, heritage restorer

The era of European church and cathedral building lies in the distant past. So distant that, for most of these elegant old edifices, there has, for decades now, been a pressing need for a breath of new life. Dominique Vermorel is among those stonemasons who are today restoring our heritage. His EPV-labelled firm deserved a flash of the spotlight.

Heir to the builders who, with hammers, chisels, picks and wedges, imbued heavy blocks of stone with a soul to give them centuries of life, Dominique Vermorel arrived in the Aveyron in 1984 to work on the restoration of Rodez Cathedral. A few years later, he teamed up with the best craftsmen, stone-cutters, sculptors and masons to set up his own business, which obtained the EPV label in 2010. Today, it is known throughout almost the entire southwest quarter of France, with its unusually rich heritage.

At the Rodez studio, opposite the airport, each stone-cutter engages in a solitary battle with his stone. . And, one after another, over weeks or sometimes months, from the most modest flagstone to the most prestigious pinnacle, each stone will be fashioned into a millimetre-perfect replica, before taking up the exact place occupied by the original for the past four or five centuries.

14 November 2014