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Oliger, earthenware wood stove manufacturer since 1970

Let's warm ourselves by opening the doors to a unique Living Heritage Company.... the 100% French tiled woodstove manufacturer, Oliger. The company, founded in 1970 by Marcel and Annette Lantz, is today managed by their daughter Blanche. It is both guardian of expertise and a technical innovator, improving the performance of this heating system, which is at once clean and highly heat efficient but also decorative and customisable.

For 45 years, Oliger has been working continuously to improve the combustion of its stoves. The company has filed over 20 patents including the famous and recently-developed Tri-Air® system that now equips the whole range.

This Oliger innovation further enhances performance while reducing the amount of dust discarded. It therefore represents a decisive step forward for the environment.

Once designed and developed, the cast iron heating units are manufactured by an Alsatian foundry. At the Oliger headquarters themselves, in St. Louis in the Moselle, the 8000 m² workshop is mainly given over to tile manufacture. While playing a decorative role, the faience covering the stoves above all ensures that Oliger stoves gently accumulate and distribute heat.

Each stove weighs between two and six kilos, and, as Blanche Lantz explains, the earthenware tiles are all handmade.

With a selection of more than 50 different types of earthenware tiles, the stoves are installed at customers' properties by a team of experts. To facilitate installation and enable more experienced customers to install the stoves themselves, Oliger conducts a pre-assembly at the workshop, allowing final verification and quality control before shipping.

A Living Heritage Company since 2011, Oliger invites visitors to come and see its showroom and workshops and will even arrange meetings with customers who wish to share their experiences of the warmth of their tiled wood stoves.

05 October 2015