Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant


Basse-Normandie is a region where innovation and advanced technology hold a central place, with high-tech industries like electronics and plastics, and specialised fields within major sectors like the automotive and agribusiness. Discover Villedieu-les-Poêles, known as ‘copper town’, with its bell-casters. In this natural setting, rich in local centres and with a dynamic cultural life, Basse-Normandie is not short of companies proud to introduce you to their crafts. Enjoy your tour!

  • A
    Restoration and creation of half-timbered houses Bonnebosq
  • B
    Terracotta tiles Moon sur Elle
  • C
    Roof-frame and carpentry Coutances
  • D
    Roof-ridge ornaments and animals in terracotta Bavent
  • E
    Manufacture of paintbrushes for fine arts, hobbies and decorations Caen
  • F
    Restoration of building heritage Montebourg
  • G
    Bonnet maker, ready-to-wear Saint-James
  • H
    Sheet metal work, copperware, tin foundry Percy
  • I
    Bellmaking Villedieu les Poêles
  • J
    Stonemasonry and stonecutting Coutances
  • K
    Design, development and production of tableware and kitchenware Vire
  • L
    Stonecutting and stone sculpture Longny au Perche
  • M
    Tapestry maker Rémalard
  • N
    Copperware, embossing, tinplating, hammering Villedieu les Poêles
  • O
    Sheet metal work, copperware, tin foundry Sainte-Cécile
  • P
    Basketwork objects and furniture Remilly sur Lozon