Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant



No, this is not a tour of the chateaux of the Loire. The department that bears this name suffers from the competition of its namesakes. But this is nonetheless the land of good living, a patchwork landscape and a rich heritage. Once you have visited its EPV-labelled companies from Roanne to Pilat, you are sure to give this department back its rightful place.


  • A
    Precision optics Saint-Héand
  • B
    Manufacture of natural et ecological beds Saint-Just en Chevalet
  • C
    Cut glass work Saint-Just Saint-Rambert
  • D
    Stonemasonry and stonecutting Marcilly-le-Chatel
  • E
    Creation of contemporary furniture La Fouillouse
  • F
    Weaving of silks Montchal
  • G
    Jewellery Saint-Jean - Saint-Maurice sur Loire
  • H
    Textile dry filling and dyeing Fourneaux
  • I
    Carpentry Saint-Germain Lespinasse
  • J
    Decorative marble (production, installation) Saint-Chamond
  • K
    Manufacture of blocks Saint Bonnet le Château
  • L
    Manufacture of fashionable ribbons and silks Saint-Just Saint Rambert
  • M
    Bronzesmith Chandon
  • N
    Silk, viscose, artificial fibre embroidery Fourneaux
  • O
    Manufacture of plaits, laces, chenilles, fringes and braided items (ornaments, accessories) Saint-Paul en Jarez