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Turnery and ornamental woodwork tour

What could be more natural in Franche-Comté than a tour devoted to woodcrafts! Amongst other things, the region is home to France’s second largest broadleaf forest, with a surface area of 22 000 hectares. The companies chosen for this circuit make wooden objects on a lathe, with the aid of cutting tools. The ornamental woodworker makes delicate pieces turned on the lathe and an endless variety of small objects in wood, gold, tortoiseshell, horn, mother-of-pearl and ivory (chess pieces, combs, jewellery, cases, boxes, fans, etc.). Discover the shapes that can be made in turned wood, such as bowls, vases, candlesticks and table legs.


  • A
    Turnery, case-making: manufacture of wedges, buttons, bars and balls and items for interior decoration Saint-Julien
  • B
    Manufacture of pipes Villard-Saint-Sauveur