Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Between Laval and Le Mans

In Sarthe or Mayenne, rivers that are easy to imagine teeming with fish are an invitation to anglers. Labelled companies will entice you with their know-how and it will be hard to resist the bait. Silversmiths, cabinetmakers and ceramic artists are known for their skill with a rod and line, and attract to their skiffs any passer-by with a penchant for craftwork.

  • A
    Carpentry - Roofing Nogent le Bernard
  • B
    Manufacture of kayaks, folding canoes and other nautical hardware Vaiges
  • C
    Manufacture of gold (or silver) working articles, precious metallic tableware goods Saint-Fort
  • D
    Creation and manufacture of billiard tables and bar tops for private individuals and professionals Mansigné
  • E
    Manufacture of felt and straw hats Paris
  • F
    Manufacture of earthenware objects Malicorne sur Sarthe
  • G
    Interior and exterior wood joinery, wooden flooring and staircases Chateau-Gontier
  • H
    Manufacture of furnishing fabrics Saint-Georges-Buttavent