Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant


A frontier land with abundant resources, this cheerful industrial region is home to innovative companies whose time-honoured skills go hand in hand with the future, in towns that offer a warm welcome. The furniture-restorer or upholsterer mixes with the glass-engraver, the paper craftsman rubs shoulders with the stonemason.


  • A
    Production of Leavers lace and machine-made soft furnishings Caudry Cedex
  • B
    Calais lace and Karl Mayer lace production Calais
  • C
  • D
    Manufacture and restoration of billiard tables Bondues
  • E
    Manufacture of giants Lille
  • F
    Sweet-making: manufacture of bêtises de Cambrai sweets Fontaine Notre Dame
  • G
    Restoration and preservation of furniture, chairs and art objects Marcq en Baroeul
  • H
    Manufacture of alcohol from seeds Wambrechies Cedex
  • I
    Stone carving, fine marblework, engraving and inlayings Comines
  • J
    Jacquard weaving of carpets and cushion covers Lys Lez Lannoy
  • K
    Stone cutting, Decorative marble Hon-Hergies