Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant


Round these parts, the shepherds had clogs, tanned-leather bags and knives with sharp blades. Wood, leather and steel... But let us not forget that the sun in this region is also favourable to straw hats! All this paraphernalia is skillfully produced by the labelled companies of Midi-Pyrénées. While some devote themselves to embellishing your home interior with period furniture, most are in the business of kitting you out for this region of sun and mountains. This circuit tells of great human (ad)ventures.

  • A
    Cutlery La Bastide sur l'Hers
  • B
    Manufacture of glazed terracotta tiles and bricks Creissels
  • C
    Production of flagstone roofing and external paving Saint-Hippolyte
  • D
    Manufacture of terracotta potteries Albi
  • E
    Roof-frame and carpentry Plaisance
  • F
    Leather gloves Millau
  • G
    Manufacture of fur and leather articles Latour sur Sorgues