Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Drôme and Ardèche

The Ardèche and the Drôme were born of the same earth – and yet are quite different. The Ardèche with its deep gorges contrasts with the high plateaux of the Drôme. In one, the grey-green hillsides scattered with villages make way for rich, populous towns in the other. The scenic RN86 rivals the beauty of the banks of the Rhone. Linked up in this tour, the two departments are home to EPV-labelled companies that complement each other in the same way as their own geography.

  • A
    Ceramic artist Anneyron
  • B
    Design and production of pewter decorative ware, wineware and tableware Bourg de Péage
  • C
    Weaving of rugs, straw mats and food filters from coco fibre Nyons
  • D
    Manufacture of hats and accessories Aubenas
  • E
    Manufacture of tissue paper Montségur sur Lauzon
  • F
    Manufacture of dry sausages, ham and cold meats from the region of Ardèche Saint Agrève
  • G
    Spinning and weaving of wool Saint-Pierreville
  • H
    Manufacture of terracotta wood fired oven Tain l'Hermitage Cedex
  • I
    Jewellery Chabeuil
  • J
    Creation and restoration of stained glass windows Valence
  • K
    Tanning - Parchment works Annonay
  • L
    Chocolate and sweet-maker Montélimar