Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Fashion and beauty in the capital: Get your glad rags on!


Be seduced by the products of labelled companies, symbols of elegance. Don’t miss out on the top names in fashion and beauty. Fabrics, leather goods and jewellery: everything to embody that ‘French touch’ which makes France the envy of the world.


  • A
    Manufacture of jewellery items Paris
  • B
    Manufacture of small leather goods, cigarette lighters, pens and fashion accessories Paris cedex 14
  • C
    Manufacture of bespoke handmade shoes for individuals and performing arts, film and television professionals Paris
  • D
    Jewellery Paris
  • E
    Jewellery Paris
  • F
    Jewellery Paris
  • G
    Manufacture of watch bracelets Paris
  • H
    Artistic embroidery and manufacture of upmarket fabric Paris
  • I
    Featherworker Pantin
  • J
    Leather goods Paris
  • K
    Repairing and selling of umbrellas, parasols and canes Paris
  • L
    Diamonds cutting Paris
  • M
    Manufacture of fine clothing Paris
  • N
    -Manufacturer of floral ornaments and plumassier Paris
  • O
    Etches, stamps, metal buttons Paris
  • P
    Jewels in translucent enamel Paris
  • Q
  • R
    Jewellery Paris
  • S
    Manufacture and restoration of fans Paris
  • T
    Creation and manufacture of hats and accessories for fashion and shows Paris
  • U
    Artistic embroidery Pantin