Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant



Imagine setting off on a long journey dotted with EPV-labelled companies, glimpsed behind a cluster of tall trees or at a bend in the road. You will have to clear the hills of Perche, hurtle down the slopes of the Loir valley, cross the endless plain of Beauce, and cut through the forests and round the lakes of Sologne. A visit to these companies is well worth the journey, to reveal the wonders they conceal.


  • A
    Restoration of old cars, saddle-ware, harnesses, small leather goods Saint Agil
  • B
    Iron joinery, restoration and creation of verandas and glasshouses Savigny sur Braye
  • C
    Manufacture of blocks Coullons
  • D
    Production of musical instrument cases and covers Monthou sur Cher