Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant


The labelled companies of Alpes-Maritimes know how to reconcile the department’s twin influences: Italian and Mediterranean. Such is the case of the rug restorer and the silversmith, the craftsman in olive wood and the artisan who works in a boatyard. Each makes use of the resources found on either side of the "sea between lands”, the Mediterranean.


  • A
    Manufacture of terracotta tiles, enamelled worksurfaces and stonesinks Cagnes sur Mer
  • B
    Restoration, traditional dry-cleaning of carpets Nice
  • C
    Manufacture of candied fruit and chocolate Nice
  • D
    Selection and roasting of coffees Carros Cedex
  • E
    Manufacture of olive wooden articles Tourrettes sur Loup
  • F
    Creation and manufacture of perfumes Grasse Cedex
  • G
    Creation of contemporary furniture, interior layout, restoration of furniture Nice
  • H
    Manufacture of fine colors Nice