Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Decoration and interiors in le Centre

Interior decoration, home furnishings and garden design: EPV-labelled companies are simply bursting with ideas for your home. Not a second to lose! A host of outstanding firms and products await you for a weekend that’s somewhere between a traditional tour and a fashionable getaway. With varnished wood, chiselled iron, freestone and fine earthenware, you won’t know which way to turn.


  • A
    Ironwork Chatillon Coligny
  • B
    Production and trade in porcelain tableware and cookware Mehun sur Yèvre
  • C
    Repair and manufacture of clock mechanisms, clocks and watches Loches
  • D
    Manufacture of wallpapers Tours
  • E
    Bronzesmith Charbonnières Les Vieilles
  • F
    Design of furniture, gilding, bronze work, cases Saint Cyr en Val
  • G
    Micro-artistic casting Rochecorbon
  • H
    Manufacture of furniture and basketwork articles Villaines les Rochers
  • I
    Design and manufacture of exterior and interior lighting Pontgouin
  • J
    Creation and manufacture of contemporary furniture, artistic joinery Coulombs
  • K
    Manufacture of lampshade frames and lamp structures Ouarville