Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant


Take the metro as far as Carrefour Pleyel: this prophetic name should straight away put you in a musical mood. The labelled companies of Seine-Saint-Denis offer pianos, accordions, even bells – whatever takes your fancy! There may not be a metro line that evokes wood or light, but that shouldn’t stop you from paying a visit on artisans who design and restore furniture or are specialised in making lamps.


  • A
    Model maker, Prototype producer, Painter Pantin
  • B
    Crafting and restoration of accordions, bandoneons and concertinas Montreuil
  • C
    Manufacture of lamps, accessory furniture and bespoke manufacturing Saint-Denis
  • D
    Marquetry work with hard stones, glyptic work, stone sculpting Bagnolet
  • E
    Preservation and restoration of furniture Saint-Denis
  • F
    Tapestry for seats, curtains, hangings Pantin