Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

On the trail of Brittany’s woodworkers

Brittany loves wood and the feeling is mutual. Oak, alder, spruce and pine mix with exotic species introduced by seafarers who brought seeds back from their expeditions. This variety is an inspiration for woodworkers – stop in at one of the EPVs in the region and admire their know-how. The wood glides through their hands and is transformed into magnificent works of art.

  • A
    Preservation and restoration of furniture Saint-Jean la Poterie
  • B
    Production of clogs and galoshes Camors
  • C
    Manufacture of contemporary furniture Bazouges la Perouse
  • D
    Cabinetmaking Pont-Scorff
  • E
    Manufacture and restoration of boats Concarneau
  • F
    Reproduction of French period furniture Loudeac
  • G
    Thatched roofing Pleurtuit
  • H
    Artistic carpentry and joinery Muzillac