Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant


The "Small Sea” lives by the rhythm of the tides and sailors who give a unique soul to Quiberon Bay and the Gulf of Morbihan. If a korrigan doesn’t get you by a menhir, you can discover the ancestral wood and stone work in the workshops of the local EPV craftsmen.

  • A
    Preservation and restoration of furniture Saint-Jean la Poterie
  • B
    Manufacture and restoration of boats Ile Aux Moines
  • C
    Contemporary upholstery, furniture and fixture case-making Vannes
  • D
    Production of clogs and galoshes Camors
  • E
    Pastry-maker (macaroons), chocolate-maker Etel
  • F
    Processing and preserving of fish (sardines) Quiberon
  • G
    Cabinetmaking Pont-Scorff
  • H
    Manufacture of competition ships, prototypes and large-scale industrial pieces in composite materials (carbon fibre) Vannes
  • I
    Carpentry Plumergat
  • J
    Manufacture of ceramics for cooking Languidic
  • K
    Artistic carpentry and joinery Muzillac