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Each year, this national event helps to strengthen the attractiveness of the industry and its professions, specifically with young people. It also promotes the diversity of trades and the place of women in the sector.

For EPVs who still want to register, just click on this link.

Many events are organised throughout France. Among them, here are some ideas for guided tours and open days at companies awarded EPV status by the State for the excellence of their know-how: Broussaud Textiles, Feutres Depland, Bernardaud, Poterie d'Albi, Distillerie Guy, etc.

And that's not all! Find here the complete list of events as part of Semaine de l'Industrie 2019.
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<![CDATA[Register before 1 March 2019 to be part of the Elysée – Présidence de la République brand licensing programme]]> http://www.patrimoine-vivant.com/en/news/show/355

Through its licensed products, the Presidency aims to disseminate the values ​​of the Republic as widely as possible to inspire pride and loyalty; and to be a showcase of French know-how, from the most traditional to the most modern.

The marketing of these products aims to generate income to finance restoration work at the Elysée Palace.

Find out more by clicking on these links:

- the call for tender for the Élysée brand licensing project

Several EPVs are already selling their products at the official Elysée online store.

If you would like to take part, register for the pre-selection phase before 1 March by clicking here:


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<![CDATA[Appointment of the new National Commission of Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant]]> http://www.patrimoine-vivant.com/en/news/show/354 This Commission is made up of professionals who work towards practices that guarantee excellence within their own business. As a reminder, the procédure d’attribution du label EPV is conducted by experts. The assessment and interpretation of these award criteria are entrusted to an independent National Commission. The L’Institut Supérieur des Métiers (ISM) is in charge of providing the secretariat of this National Commission of Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant and the processing of applications for the award of the label. Examination of the application file by the ISM, request for an opinion to the State services in the regions and the qualified consular establishments, drafting of a report of instruction, visits to companies by experts in the trade, examination by the National Commission and Ministers' final decision: the process of selecting Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant is a guarantee of their excellence.

The three-year appointments are as follows:

I. - As qualified individuals

Mr VABRET (Christian), Incumbent.
Ms BENISSAN-WICART (Audrey), Deputy.
Ms CRASSET (Matali), Incumbent.
Mr FICHOT (Francis), Deputy.
Ms GINESTET-NAUDIN (Isabelle), Incumbent.
Mr MAURIN (Nicolas), Deputy.
Mr NEGRE (Axel), Incumbent.
Ms NEGRE (Annick), Deputy.
Ms MATHON (Aude), Incumbent.
Mr MATHON (Frédéric), Deputy.
Mr DUMON (Ivan), Incumbent.
Ms SENTILHES (Florence), Deputy.
Mr ANDRES (Frédéric), Incumbent.
Mr LEPORT (Marcel), Deputy.
Mr RENAUD (Jean-François), Incumbent.
Ms GENOUX (Béatrice), Deputy.

II. - As representatives of areas of activity

Mr ALES (Romain), Incumbent.
Ms EVRARD (Chantal), Deputy.
Mr DE MONTE (Bruno), Incumbent.
Ms BAYLOT (Agnès), Deputy.
Mr COINTREAU (Jean-Pierre), Incumbent.
Ms COINTREAU (Valentine), Deputy.
Ms BEDOIN (Laurence), Incumbent.
Mr DELISLE (Jean-Michel), Deputy.
Mr LEMERCIER (Denis), Incumbent.
Ms JULLIAN (Agnès), Deputy.
Ms LEFEVRE née ANDRIEUX (Emmanuelle), Incumbent.
Mr STAUB (Franck), Deputyt.
Mr NICOLE (Serge), Incumbent.
Ms CRESTOU (Nicole), Deputy.
Mr CHAUVEAU (Francis), Incumbent.
Ms SALIGUE (Fabienne), Deputy.
Ms VAZ (Catherine), Incumbent.
Mr ROELANDTS (Tanguy), Deputy.
Mr LESENECAL (Luc), Incumbent.
Ms de MAISTRE (Isabelle), Deputy.

III. - As ministerial representatives

As the Representative of the Minister for Craft and Trade:
Mr WEILL (Laurent), Incumbent.
Ms ZOBEL (Agnès), Deputy.
As the Representative of the Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises:
Mr PIERARD (André), Incumbent.
Ms ELARY (Evelyne), Deputy.
As the Representative of the Minister for Industry:
Mr LEROY (Fabrice), Incumbent.
Ms FRANCASTEL (Séverine), Deputy.
As the Representative of the Minister of Culture:
Mr DELHAY (Jean-François), Incumbent.
Ms DOUBROFF (Marie-José), Deputy.
As the Representative of the Minister of Agriculture:
Ms PIERZOWNIK (Valérie), Incumbent.
Mr SCHIO (Loïc), Deputy.
As President:
Mr ALES (Romain).
In the capacity of Vice President:

As Special Rapporteur to the National Commission of Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant:
Mr MOUSSON (Olivier).
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<![CDATA[7-10 February 2019: the EPV label partner to the Salon Art&Déco]]> http://www.patrimoine-vivant.com/en/news/show/353 Art&Décoration, the leading high-end women's interior decoration magazine, is back for another fair, and this year will host a dozen Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant businesses.

- Ateliers JOVIS, Bars et Billards, Design and manufacturing of pool tables and bar furniture for public and private customers - M 36
- Burov, Manufacturer of chairs, sofas and furniture - M 79
- Declercq passementiers, Trimmings - D 118
- Farol, Cutlery - A 52
- Haviland, Porcelain goods - D 89
- Jandri / Swann, Manufacturer of leather and/or fabric sofas and chairs - M 65
- Lacanche, Design and manufacturing of cooking equipment - E 137

Practical information and booking:
Salon Art&Décoration
Grande Halle de la Villette
75019 Paris
7 to 10 February 2019 from 10.00 am to 7 pm]]>
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<![CDATA[12 February 2019: take part in the forthcoming Bercy Economic Café dedicated to the EPV label!]]> http://www.patrimoine-vivant.com/en/news/show/352 A few weeks before major events planned in March, on industry (Semaine de l’industrie) and gastronomy (Goût de/Good France), this economic café will put a spotlight on these two sectors of activity that contribute to the competitiveness and attractiveness of the French economy.

Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV), labelled companies, holders of exceptional expertise and initiators of innovative solutions in the industrial field and in the world of gastronomy, will present their activity, explain their development strategy and discuss their approach to innovation and their prospects for export.

These meetings, open to all, aim to promote the sharing of information and exchanges on public policies implemented by the ministries of the Economy, Action and Public Accounts between experts from the public sphere and the private sphere and members of the public concerned by these topics.


Testimonials of EPV labelled companies in industry

- Stéphane Dedieu, CEO of Les Ateliers réunis - Caddie, manufacturer of shopping trolleys and metal wire goods, ,
- Agnès Jullian, CEO of Technilum, designer and manufacturer of street lighting,
- Yves Noirot, General Manager Fonderies de Sougland, cast iron and steel foundry with rare expertise in casting parts for industry.

Testimonials of EPV labelled companies in gastronomy

- Roland Gibert, Director of Cruzilles,
- Laure Pierrisnard, General Manager of Confiserie du Roy René

Representing the government

- Alexis Govciyan, Director of Institut Supérieur des Métiers (ISM), organization responsible for piloting business development support schemes (including the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label),
- Kristof de Meulder, Officer for "crafts and transmission of expertise", Bureau de l’Artisanat et de la Restauration, Direction générale des entreprises (DGE), economic and financial ministries

Register for the Bercy Economic Café from 12 February 2019 by clicking here!

Practical information:
- Friday 12 February 2019 from 9.30 am to 11.30 am
- Café Fluctuat Nec Mergitur, 18 place de la République, Paris
- Open to all (pre-registration required, limited spaces available).
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<![CDATA[]]> http://www.patrimoine-vivant.com/en/news/show/351 Tue, 01 Jan 2019 00:00:00 +0100 <![CDATA[M&O - 20 January 2019: EPV conference, exceptional expertise in demand abroad]]> http://www.patrimoine-vivant.com/en/news/show/350 The MAISON&OBJET PARIS trade fair will be held at the Parc des Expositions in Paris Nord-Villepinte from 18 to 22 January 2019. The Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant will of course be in attendance and you will have the opportunity to meet around forty of these jewels around the fair.

The EPV conference will take place on Sunday 20 January 2019. The Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant are the ambassadors of French excellence across the globe. In the field of design, they are genuine sources of inspiration, with their exceptional expertise allowing them to create unique items that are much in demand from architects and designers.

Practical information
Salon Maison et Objet
18-22 January 2019
Paris Nord Villepinte
From Friday to Monday: 9.30 am to 7 pm.
Tuesday: 9.30 am to 6 pm.
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<![CDATA[6 December 2018: EPV (Living Heritage Company) regional gathering in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes]]> http://www.patrimoine-vivant.com/en/news/show/349

On this day of discussion, several regional EPVs will be making presentations, including:

- Charles Jouffre, Ateliers Jouffre, upholsterers
- Geoffroy Millet, d'Ennery, padded textile creation
- and Frédéric Volpon, des Ateliers Volpon, cabinetmakers.

Workshop tours are also on offer for participants.

Finally, the Prefect of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region will also be awarding diplomas to the latest companies in the region to receive the EPV designation.

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<![CDATA[13 December 2018: National Committee of Living Heritage Companies]]> http://www.patrimoine-vivant.com/en/news/show/348

One of the roles of the Institut Supérieur des Métiers (ISM) is to oversee the label application analysis as well as the operation of the national labelling committee.

To maintain excellence, each application examined by the ISM also depends on the opinions of State services in the regions (DIRECCTE) and consular establishments, Chambers of Trade and Crafts (CMA) and Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI).

The ISM then writes a report which considers the analyses made by the different experts of the trade during a visit to the company. This appraisal report is examined by the national labelling committee, formed of independent experts whose specialised opinion is used as guidance for the final ministerial decision.
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<![CDATA[6 and 7 December 2018: training for EPVs new to exporting]]> http://www.patrimoine-vivant.com/en/news/show/347

The programme for the course, entitled ‘Bien démarrer à l’export : méthodes et outils’ (A good start to exporting: methods and tools), comprises: getting to know the prerequisites, identifying and opening up target markets, building an offering, managing an export operation, optimising logistics, and negotiating effectively overseas.

The course, hosted by Business France , will give labelled companies an opportunity to compare their experiences with other EPVs.
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