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Almost 2,300 events are organised around France. Here is a selection of those organised by or with companies classed as EPV by the state for their excellent craftsmanship:

- Guided tours and open days at EPV companies:Orfèvrerie Liberty, Linvosges SAS, etc.

- Open days for jobseekers: Société Choletaise de fabrication, etc.

- Meetings with secondary school and sixth form students: Fonderie des Cyclopes, Technilum, Lingerie indiscrète - CDB & Cie, La Naucelloise SA, Ateliers Perrault Frères, Lartigue 1910, Tissage Moutet, Charabot, Forge de Laguiole, Adam, Laulhère, Borlis, World Tricot, etc.

- Diversity within sectors, teaching girls about industry: Literie Brissay-Châtre Cardelaine

And that's not all! Here is a full list of Industry Week events in 2017.