Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant


Artistic bronze-maker
65-67 quai Jules Guesde
94400 Vitry sur Seine

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Candide is a bronze work company that has been in Vitry-sur-Seine since 1994.

It perpetuates 3 generations of know-how. Its main activity is making artistic bronze work, from making the moulds through to finishing and polishing the works. Melting and casting is subcontracted out to different foundries. It makes moulds using traditional techniques, has the cast made and then recovers the raw work to finish it off in its workshops.


Candide also restores monumental works. The company has undeniable know-how both regionally and nationally. Its moulds are made with cire perdue or sand using traditional techniques. It performs chiselling, patina work and mounting work, as well as spinning, which requires skill that are increasingly rare.


Candide works mainly for individual customers (sculptors from the region,), but also for companies (designers, gallery owners, antiquaries) and institutions.


In addition to its showroom, the company takes part in different trade shows, such as the Salon International du Patrimoine Culturel in Paris.